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My first training was the dancing-therapy approach of the Isness Dance

(Fabienne Courmont Method). Then I encountered the Person Centered Approach of Carl Rogers alongside Enugene Gendlin's Focusing therapy

Through these different approaches I can allow my natural sensitivity to lead us to your inner light and  how it wants to express itself and inform you of the best path towards your total fulfilment.

My inner path towards light

Coming from a highly dysfunctional family with no money, I had, from a very young age, to walk my way through the hardships of poverty, self-rejection and loneliness. I also had to deal with a very high sensitivity that was at first a big burden on my shoulders.

But I also received love, and a sharp sense of what I wanted from life.  This allowed me to turn what looked like obstacles into the most amazing gifts possible.

Indeed, the ordeals of my life allowed me to discover that there is a light within, an inner strength in each one of us that is only awaiting some attention and care to put all its power at our service.

A light that nothing can turn off.

It is my passion in life to help you find it, and learn how to appeal for it every time you need to.


Dancing in Awareness: workshops


Every week

In Chambéry (73) every thursday

In Saint Pierre d'Allevard (38) every friday

7:30 to 9:30 pm

In a kindly atmosphere, enjoy this moment of movement and freedom.

No need to have an experience of dancing.

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